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My oldest daughter, Kelsey, started pitching lessons with Christina at Victory about 3 years ago.  Not only did her pitching improve significantly, but her confidence in her skills and more importantly herself were positively impacted by Christina's coaching/teaching style.  Kelsey played on her high school softball team and a rec team where she thrived and excelled.  So much so, that about a year into Kelsey's lessons, we started pitching lessons for my youngest daughter, Kolby.   Both Kelsey and Kolby's successes can be attributed to the hard work, positive reinforcement and personalized approach that Christina takes with her pitching students.  Both of my girls adore her and look forward to going to weekly lessons.  I regularly recommend other parents to get lessons from Victory, Christina has made a huge impact in my daughter's lives.  Kelsey has since started college and is thriving with the confidence instilled by Christina and Kolby is hoping to play D1 softball.  Based on the skills that she is honing through Christina's focused lessons, Kolby has a real possibility to achieve her D1 softball goal.  On a scale of 1-10, I give Christina an 11.  

Karon Curry

My 12 year old daughter Izzy has been working with Kenzee for 6 months.  In just a few months of lessons, Izzy’s pitching improved immensely. Kenzee was able to help Izzy consistently throw strikes and increase speed as well as maintain arm health.  She is an amazing coach who connects with young girls, providing both guidance and encouragement unique to them as individuals. She often uses the silly energy Izzy has to aid in instruction and encouragement to help her focus and learn. I am so grateful we found Kenzee and happy to watch Izzy’s confidence grow and for her to succeed and progress so much, so fast.

dustin Young

Christina is an incredible coach. My daughter was nine years old when she started training with Christina and has grown so much working with her. It's so great to watch - she transformed her pitching skills and, more importantly, has learned how to be a positive and resilient player. Christina creates a safe, positive, supportive environment while also focusing on goal-setting and progress. She is very knowledgeable, observant, patient and so thoughtful. As a parent, she's taught me to approach sports with an encouraging mindset so that my daughter can have the best experience possible. We are forever lucky to have Christina in our lives!! 

Deirdre RAMSEY

Our daughter, due to a referral, started hitting with Victory almost two years ago. Our immediate impression was that Layla and Lacey care about the young people in our community and they give the girls a warm place to come get better, be pushed, and be comfortable in their own skin.  Watching our daughter grow through their hitting and camps has been incredible. Her softball skills, iq and swing have improved drastically.  We highly recommend Victory!  

Matt Workman

From private lessons to camps/clinics, we have been extremely pleased with Victory and their coaches—specifically Lacey. Our daughter has not only grown on the field in terms of skill and ability, she has also grown mentally stronger from the coaching she has received

Coach Lacey has become a confidant for our daughter. At lessons, they talk through previous games, what needs work and situations that were challenging, so that the next time it arises, she is able to handle it more easily! Her positive coaching has been invaluable to our daughter’s development as a softball player. We highly recommend Victory! 

Nicole Ernst

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the time spent in lessons with my daughter, Regan. Layla's dedication to the sport and to the athletes is unmatched. Not only are you teaching her to be a better softball player, but you're helping to instill confidence that will carry through into life. Regan really enjoys the workouts and loves each new challenge. Thank you for caring so much about her and her continued success. Ladies, you are truly amazing!

Laurie hughes

Before discovering Victory Fastpitch, we encountered challenges finding top-notch pitching lessons for our daughter. We are incredibly grateful to Coach Lacey for her remarkable impact on Emma. Lacey serves as a coach, role model, and mentor to Emma and has an exceptional ability to connect with her, which is truly unique. Over the past year, Emma's pitching, defense, hitting, and confidence have shown remarkable growth, all thanks to Lacey's guidance. As parents, Lacey has also supported us by offering advice on how to help Emma overcome some of the mental challenges of softball. After every game, Emma is adamant about texting Coach Lacey to share what happened, and Lacey has always responded. Whether through lessons or clinics, Victory Fastpitch consistently delivers exceptional services. Thank you for your genuine care for Emma's development and commitment to ensuring her success.

Cherie Vo

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